Creaid – “Designer Jewellery” Exhibition

CREAID’s third project was “Designer Jewelry” .Marina Vernicos, the president of the organization, invited 110 designers from around the world to design our unique creation which was auctioned. The proceeds will be used to create an indoor space for activities for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

My creation was called

Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?
The inspiration was from “fate” or “destiny”. The lines that we see in our hands are totally related with our past, present and future!

“The lines are not engraved in the human hand without a reason.They come from the heavenly influence and individuality of each person”

(Aristoteles – Greek philosopher- 384 B.C)

Materials Used: Handmade Pendant in ebony wood with 925° silver and 9K rose gold details adorned 0,049 ct diamonds chain in 925° black plated silver