The new body of work by Marianna Lourba is a continuation of her study in regards to the human existence in the contemporary urban landscape. Notions of isolation are addressed through the images created by Lourba: multiple captions of people who come and go, unaware of being photographed on their way and in and out of elevators.

Blurred figures in a distance, implied by their moving shadows. De-individualised city dwellers in a non-stop motion. What is an individual amidst thousands of others? Personal narratives and different worlds collide in just a brief moment before the sliding doors of the elevators close again. Isolation despite the physical urban environment, despite physical closeness.

Lourba’s Cells project retains the architectural elements closely associated with her practice. In her work compositional contrasts of void/full, black/white, dark/light come in dialogue with dualities such as public/private, together/alone, common/unique